Is Your Business Model Snuffing Out Your Message?

I often talk to coaches, consultants, freelancers, small business owners, authors, speakers… etc. who feel stuck.

Well, screw the label, that’s not important. They’re the “do their own thing, do something meaningful” kind of people.

They’ve done the professional training, bought the marketing program, and even built a business or two.

But they rarely go back to square one and question whether they have structured their business to amplify their vision and message.

Oh, you’re certified as a “coach” – so there’s what a coaching business model looks like: a 1:1 program, a group program, an online course, and an info product. Or, a 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month package. The end.

When people are starting out, a business model is a godsend. It gives you something to build upon and the visibility of “where the money is coming from.”

But as you evolve and refine your skills and message, it’s easy to get on autopilot and take the business model as a given.

What used to work when you needed training wheels may not work now that you’ve figured out what the heck you’re doing.

Have you revisited and validated your business model lately?

Is the suite of offerings in alignment with your message?

Are they giving you the best venue to serve your ideal clients?

Are the programs/products/services tapping into your strengths?

Are the creating the most value for your clients?

Are the formats of delivery amplifying your message… or are they snuffing out its essence?

When we try to squeeze our message into some predetermined format… due to habit, laziness, fear, unawareness, inertia, or good intention (because the gurus say so)… we may not be doing it justice.

Product-Centric vs. Client-Centric

If you start with a business model (which is essentially a collection of products, services, and pricing) instead of your message and its expression, you’re putting the cart in front of the horse.

Leading with a business model is a product-centric mindset. It’s an old-school approach and doesn’t do well when we’re evolving quickly as a society (think Kodak and film.)

Leading with an audience is a client/customer-centric mindset. It helps you stay relevant even when “the thing that people want” changes (think Netflix and entertainment.)

Leading with your message grounds your business in your Truth, connects you with the work you do, and anchors you in the community that you serve.

Have you asked your message what it wants to be when it grows up?

Are you connected with your message in such a way that you can let its expression come through without overthinking it or mucking it up with your ego?

Pop the bubble. Leave the echo chamber.

Don’t limit your message to “what a _______ business is supposed to be like.”

(If you keep digging, you may realize that your business isn’t about ________. What if you’re something else?)

Echo Chainsaws For Homeowners

When people think of the tools they have around the household, they often think about hammers, screwdrivers and nails: devices used to tackle small and simple problems. However, when large problems arise that need heavier machinery, many people find themselves completely unprepared. Many problems can arise outdoors, leaving the homeowner stumped at how to handle situations such as fallen or sick trees. Thankfully, the chainsaws built and designed by the Echo company ensure that if such a tricky situation arises, no homeowner will be unprepared again.

While Echo might not be the first name that comes to mind when people consider purchasing a chainsaw, it is one of the most reliable. The Echo Corporation has built a long-lasting and strong reputation of designing and manufacturing dependable and reliable machinery. The company has been in business for several decades and never fails to improve on their old models while still ensuring that the trusted and tested features remain.

Echo chainsaws are lightweight and easy to use. No matter what job needs doing, an Echo chainsaw can be trusted to get it done. The lightweight design makes it easy for the user to carry it from place to place, which is useful because no two jobs are ever the same. Despite its lightweight design, Echo chainsaws are reliable and durable and can be trusted to withstand task after task.

Many chainsaw companies produce their tools for use by professionals in the lawn care and tree-removal industries, which can leave casual users who purchase the chainsaw struggling to use the chainsaw during routine household projects. However, Echo chainsaws are manufactured and designed with the causal user in mind, ensuring that their chainsaws are simple and easy to operate. Echo chainsaws also special, patented technology to reduce the effort of starting their chainsaws by thirty percent. Another feature that makes Echo chainsaws more user friendly is the Vibration Reduction System, which ensures that the user will be able to use the chainsaw comfortably for a longer period of time, which means getting the job done faster.

In order to ensure that owners of Echo chainsaws get the most out of their machine, Echo has manufactured their chainsaws with a Pre-Cleaner system, which spins out dirt and keeps it away from the engine, which increases the life of the engine and of the chainsaw. When thinking about the tools necessary for those big, out-door jobs, don’t think beyond the Echo brand chainsaw, which is dependable, reliable and easy-to-use and perfect all any job big or small.

How to Take Charge of Your Business Focus

Principle: a personal or specific basis of conduct

Identifying principles or standards that become your touch point when things are up or down in business will keep you sane. When there is a swirl of activity that doesn’t feel like it’s helping you to get more clients, make more money or see a real difference in your business results, you may ask, “What’s it all for?”

Guiding principles will serve to remind you why you do what you do and get you back on the path to the business and success you want. Here’s an example of a guiding principle and how it works for my own business. I’ll also tell you how I found it in case you want to get started designing your own…

My guiding principle: “Be a voice, not an echo.”

This principle reminds me to be and have a clear message that is my own. I have a point of view about how I want to serve my clients and the community of entrepreneurs who surround me, and it’s a valuable one born of a lot of experience and expertise. So I not only honor myself, but you as well by using my own voice and not trying to be someone else. As a result I attract more of my ideal clients and community members who want what I have to offer. This approach grows a business in a much more satisfying and fulfilling way.

How did I discover and embrace this guiding principle? I paid attention to what didn’t feel “right” about where I was going in my business. What didn’t feel like me and what was I “trying” to be instead of just “being.” And many times it came back to using my own voice. That’s when the quote by Albert Einstein showed up on a graphic in an email… “Be a voice, not an echo.” I kept seeing it in my mind’s eye and it just felt like it came from my soul.

It fit with my wanting to help more entrepreneurs clarify the path to the business and results they want and how using their own voice will bring it faster. It fit with my ability to help you discover your own 6-figure idea. It fit with helping you create the personal roadmap that spells success with distinction and without distraction. And it fit most of all with who I am… a unique, smart and committed businesswoman.

Ready to find your guiding principle?

Step 1: Pay attention to how you feel as you lead your business. What’s missing that you would find more fulfilling and satisfying. Be aware of how you feel about your clients, community and colleagues. What would guide you to make a real difference for them?

Step 2: Your guiding principle truly has to come from within you. So write about it, meditate about it, find some graphics about it, read some quotes about it or bounce some ideas around with a trusted friend. There are many ways to get to your guiding principle. You have to determine the shortest path to success. And these are just some ways to find it.

Step 3: When you identify your guiding principle, how does it line up with who you are and what you do? Is it in support of your overall goal? Does it feel like you could create a movement from it, knock down walls because of it, and know that if all else fails, you would feel confident that this was the impact you wanted to make on the world through your business?

That is when you’ll know that you’ve landed on a guiding principle that will both inspire and motivate you to the greatest impact you can make through your business.

Use these 3 simple steps to discover, embrace and use a guiding principle that deeply delivers the satisfying and fulfilling life you can truly have in your business.